Exploring Lefkada in Greece

12 – 19 September 2017

Finally the time had come to leave work, duties and the normal routine and go on a well deserved holiday! We chose a Greek Island situated in the ionian sea; Lefkada.

The east side of Lefkada has quiet waters and countless white pebbled beaches, while the West coast features sheer cliffs and stunning turquoise waters along with some of the finest beaches in Europe. Lefkada is an island with a lot of steep hills and vegetation but it also has mountains and several small islands nearby. This means stunning views and a lot of great landscape photography opportunities! In the north you find the capital and gateway to the greek mainland. Vassiliki in the south attracts windsurfers. The island is also known for great wine, traditional greek cuisine and local honey.

Our flight left early and here we are at Schiphol Airport (5:30 am), finally checked in our luggage and got ourselves through the airport security. Pretty tired, but still keeping up and ready for takeoff.


3 and 1/2 hours later we got in a minibus for about 30 min, and first stop was our base for the next week; Agnadi Suites. A bit more awake now, what coffee can do…

Link to Agnadi Suites: Agnadi Suites – Sunweb


When we arrived, we discovered that our room was in the basement, even though we booked a studio with a balcony. Not that great.

We did not have the energy to complain at this time, and went for a swim instead at the hotels private beach, followed by a walk and a big moussaka dinner at Porto Nikiana, that was just about 600m from the hotel.


We decided to rent a red Chevrolet that evening, it had airco and was perfect for us to get around the Island and explore Lefkadas many beautiful places.


Here are our top 5 photography locations on Lefkada island:

5. Vassiliki

If you like dramatic backgrounds, you should visit the marina in the small village of Vassiliki. There are plenty of small shops and restaurants by the water and you can get some great photos of the many boats and windsurfers with the dramatic cliffs as a perfect backdrop.


4. Nikiana

Are you an early bird? Then you should catch the sunrise on the east coast of the island. Bring a tripod to get a clear photo or an awesome time lapse of the sunrise, but be prepared, the sun rises pretty quick on Lefkada.


3. Cape Lefkatas

Although you can find plenty of awesome views of the sunset on Lefkada all along the west coast of the island we chose Cape Lefkatas. It has a open view from all sides and the scenery is dramatic with cliffs and the lighthouse standing on the very edge of the cliffs.


2. Porto Katsiki

Sheer cliffs, great views of the beach and dreamy turqouise waters.

What more can you wish for? Porto Katsiki is a great place to get good landscape panoramas. The restaurant Bilvi at the top of the cliffs also offers stunning views of the ionian sea, along with free delivery of the best gyros on the island to the beach.


1. Agios Nikitas

This small fishing village on the west coast of Lefkada is a popular place to visit. Agios Nikitas is a popular place for having wedding photos taken and it’s easy to understand why. Small picturesque streets, houses in traditional greek style, cosy tavernas and a white pebbled beach gives plenty of good photo opportunities for all visitors.


Thanks for reading our top 5 photography locations on Lefkada island, you can also check out our YouTube channel and Instagram accounts.

Please feel free to share and comment, all feedback is appreciated!




2 thoughts on “Exploring Lefkada in Greece

  1. The start of a wonderful journey … thank you for sharing these insights … reminds me so much of my first visit to Greece … the places you see, the people you meet

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your comment! Greece is my favourite travel destination. And every island has its own charm 😃😃


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