3 simple steps on how to convert your RAW files into a file format, so you actually can edit them!

As you may know, it can be difficult to get those RAW files converted into a file format that you can edit!

Everyone say that you should use your RAW files, if possible, because you have more details to work with and this is very true! The jpeg file that your camera or smart phone produce is made by the camera software, and the picture would look very different on each device that took the same photo, while the RAW files would look more or less the same. The RAW file don’t look very good and is a bit greyed out and boring as it is shoot,  but you have the freedom to bring it to life with your own editing style.

Today I want to show you how to convert your RAW files into DNG files, so you actually are able to open them and edit them, in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

1st step:

When you have imported/saved your new photos on your storage device. Sort the files in the folder by “type”, cut and paste them into a specific folder, so they are easier to find back. RAW files can have different names depending on the type of camera you use, they are also about twice as big as a jpeg file.

2nd step:

Open Adobe Photoshop on your computer, click “File”, in the upper left corner, choose “Open”, locate you RAW files, mark the files you want to edit and click “open”. Now your pictures should open in a separate window in Adobe Photoshop, again choose the files that you want to convert into DNG files and click “Save Images…”, select where you want to save your new DNG files, and click “Save”.

3rd step:

You can now Open Adobe Lightroom, find your DNG files, open them and edit them. Save the Finished files as a jpeg file for it to take less space on your device or online sharing.

Have fun editing.



4 thoughts on “3 simple steps on how to convert your RAW files into a file format, so you actually can edit them!

  1. Marit can I have your email address please?


    1. Hi, unfortunately we dont give out our private email addresses, however you are more than welcome to contact us via our contact page.


  2. Thanks for your visit and recent comment on my site. As I was looking over your site I noticed this article and thought you should look into other ways to do this conversion. Both lightroom and photoshop will allow you to modify your raw images and save them to a jpg format. RAW files are dull looking because they have not been pre-processed by your camera like jpg files are. Adobe Camera RAW will let you adjust a multitude of settings on your image. The DNG format is not required to edit your shots. You should have gotten software with your camera that will let you edit and convert your photos. There are also a lot of free programs on the internet that you can use. Nice site. Hope this helps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Much appreciated comment, Eddie! Thank you for taking your time to share this very useful info with us👍


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