How to get a successful AirBnB listing.

Maybe you have heard about AirBnB or other ways to rent out your property, but you haven’t taken the big step yet? Or maybe you just want some tips for your rental or want to know more about AirBnB? We started renting out this summer in Zaandam in the Netherlands close to Amsterdam and the Zaanse Schans, and we would like to share some of our experiences and tips with you so you can get started or maybe even get some inspiration for your own rental!

Check out our AirBnB here!

Old brick house from 1934
Our AirBnB is in an old brick house from 1934

Store away anything that you want to keep for yourself. This way you avoid that something you really like gets broken, and you can relax while your guests are living in your AirBnB.

Declutter the space you are going to rent out and present to quests. This might take some time. We had no idea we had so much stuff! It took longer than we expected but the result is great not only for our guests but for us as well.

Keep the house/room as clean as possible at all times, it increases the possibility of getting that great review. It’s also good to be prepared for a last minute booking.

MKK_8764-PanoMKK_8783Style your home.

Select a style that you like and that looks good on camera. It is always a good idea to have some sort of cohesion in the colors and patterns that you choose.The possibilities are endless here.

Check out the photos we selected for the ad here

Keep the photos light and inviting and use the natural light to your advantage.MKK_8789-2

Consider using white bed linens and textiles. Many think that white sheets and covers are the most difficult to clean but it is actually the opposite. You can bleach the white fabrics if they get a really nasty stain on it. I have always wondered why the big hotels use white textiles, but now i know and I do the same.

Get an extra sett with bed linens, incase something happens and you don’t have time to go shopping before the guests arrive.

Master bedroom with a queen size boxspring
Master bedroom with a queen size boxspring

MKK_8724-PanoBe friendly. Answer any questions within reason that your guests may ask and you will quickly establish trust and a good relationship with your guests.

Reply swiftly to emails and messages via AirBnB. A quick response rate might get you that extra booking and your guests get a positive impression of you before they arrive at your property.

Check with the guests when they will arrive. You start a dialogue and can plan your day around that with more certainty.Beware that guests may arrive late due to delayed flights, transportation issues etc and make space for delays in your agenda.

If you would like to start your own AirBnB you can easily get started by clicking the link below:

Click here to start your own AirBnB and make some money



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