The Caves of Drach – Mallorca

Recently me and Marit went to Mallorca (Spain) to relax and take some photos.

One day we decided to go and visit the famous Drach caves, that is full of stalagmites and an underground lake, and it turned out to be a memorable experience that we really recommend to do if you have any plans to go to Mallorca.

The Drach Caves Mallorca

A stalagmite is an upward-growing mound of mineral deposits that have precipitated from water dripping onto the floor of a cave.

The Drach Caves Mallorca
First of all remember a tripod of some sort, I had some challenges balancing the camera on the rocks.. Mobile phones is way more efficient down here, as I had to use between 5 and 10 seconds exposure with f8 and ISO 100, to capture all the details, by the way; no blitz was allowed.

The Drach Caves Mallorca

With limited time in the first part of the cave, I was not able to get as many photos that I wanted, so the below photos are taken by Marit with her Samsung S9.

The Drach Caves Mallorca

The Drach Caves Mallorca

The Caves of Drach are four great caves extending to a depth of 25 meters and reaching approximately 4 kilometers in length. When we arrived at the underground lake inside the cave, the light went out and we had a live classical concert experience, with the musicians out on the lake in rowing boats with lights. Amazing!


You can find the Drach caves in the municipality of Manacor, near Porto Cristo. The caves were first mentioned in a letter dated 1338.

Visit their website here


The Drach Caves Mallorca
All the best.


4 thoughts on “The Caves of Drach – Mallorca

  1. We were there many years ago, your wonderful pics trigger some great memories!


  2. Great place and beautifully clicked photos.. Thank you for sharing..!!

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  3. Wow!! That is so cool. Great photography too.

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