About us

We are two Norwegian photographers based in Zaandam, The Netherlands.

We have been studying photography since 2015. During this time we have increased our interested in photography and discovered a whole new world of cameras, photography techniques, accessories, editing possibilities and all the fun things that photography brings. It is something that quickly became somewhat of a lifestyle, now we see our environment in a whole new and interesting way. 

At Feel Good Photography, you can get updates about our travel blogs/vlogs, technical reviews of gadgets, and photography tips.

Are you in need of a photographer or you like to purchase any of our photos? Let us know what you need, we are flexible and can offer many different sizes and qualities. We also offers editing services of your photos.

Please contact us via the contact page.



Location Zaandam, The Netherlands. E-mail contact@feelgood-photography.com Hours Feel free to contact us anytime using the contact page or send an email.
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