A photowalk in charming Lille – France

This time we decided to travel to Lille in France for a few days to explore the city and all the excellent food and desserts this city has to offer.Lille is the largest city in Northern France, not far from the border to Belgium. It is becoming more and more modern and a lot of the old architecture has to make way for new and much larger buildings. The contrast between the old and new is fascinating. I think it is much more charming and personal in some way, to walk among old buildings with one of a kind architecture and a long history. Many of the new enormous city buildings and shopping malls makes the city a bit less personal.

But luckily they have spared the grand buildings in the center of the city so you can still explore the old part of Lille and stop by many cozy cafes and small shops along the way.


We stayed at Hotel Lille Europe in the middle of the city on the 8th floor, and had a great view of the modern part of Lille. During the day we spent a good amount if time walking around taking pictures and eating a lot of watermelon and our favorite quiche, since it was constantly more than 30 degrees outside.


We quickly found our favorite place for lunch at a local cafe called Elizabeth’s.


The cafes and bakeries had a lot of awesome desserts and we saw multiple shops devoted entirely to chocolate , but it was just to hot outside to taste it all.

We also found a splendid little Italian restaurant one evening, after giving up on TripAdvisor and just venturing out to see what we could find. Sometimes it’s better to just use your nose instead of the internet when it comes to finding great food. Especially when travelling.




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